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Education is not loading a child with information to be unloaded in the examinations. Similarly, a student’s ability is not to be evaluated merely on the basis of ranks he gets in the examination. Education, in fact, is a process of carving out the best in a child. The role of the school, in this process of imparting education, is to assist the student to evolve to develop a healthy mind, a humane social concern and a decent future for him or herself.

AL – Hira Public School, Dasna,

Ghaziabad has been established with this very holistic perspective. To evolve appropriate techniques in education to achieve its goals, the school has successfully been experimenting with the participating techniques of learning in education. The CBSE has been promoting constant and comprehensive evaluation and project based approaches in its scheme of education. Some schools face problems in its practical implementation.

Al – Hira Public School,

instead of following the approach in a mechanical manner, insists that the students and teachers participate in the process of learning while being active participants. The school strives for achieving the best in modern education both in content and method while keeping the child alive to his/her creative self.

Al – Hira Public School

is a co – educational, English medium School. The School is equipped with the latest educational infrastructure and facilities. The formal education in the School starts from Class I.

The School lays emphasis on the quality of education and co-curricular activities of its students. To achieve this goal the school restricts the number of students in each class to an optimum number to ensure proper teacher attention.

The school has very balanced teacher – student ratio to enable students to enjoy personalized relationship with their teachers.

Al – Hira Public School

constantly evolving creative and innovative activity based educational techniques to supplement classroom teaching to enhance students’ interest in the learning process.