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For admission to the School the child should be around 6 years of age as on 1st April 2019 for Class I.

The admission for the academic Session 2018-19 starts on 1st April 2019. The application forms must be completely and correctly filled and signed before submission. All documents required to be annexed with the application form must also be attached. Incorrect or false information, if furnished, will automatically disqualify the candidate. The School reserves the right to refuse admission to a student without furnishing any reason.

On receiving the application for admission to Class 1 the applicant, after the due scrutiny of the form, may be asked to complete the admission process by paying the fees and submitting the required documents.

The School, under the provisions of Right to Education Act 2009, has reserved seats for the poor and economically weaker sections. To avail this facility, the applicant must satisfy the Government criteria and the school rules.

Those applying for admission to Class II to Class VIII would be given the date and time of a test for determining the grade to which the applicant may be admitted depending his/her level of articulation. The test would be held on the specified date and time given at the time of submission of the completed admission form. After the result of the test is declared the parents are required to complete all admission formalities within 7 days.

The new session shall commence from 1st April 2019. The parents of those who complete the admission formalities are advised to purchase the school uniform, the books and stationery etc. by 31st March and send the ward to school on 1st April to avoid academic loss to students.

Admission Procedure

A student seeking admission is required to produce the following certificates and pay the prescribed fees to complete the admission:
1. Vaccination certificates from the competent authority,
2. Birth certificate from the competent authority,
3. Medical Certificate either from a hospital or a Registered Medical Practitioner certifying that the applicant is in good health and does not suffer for any communicable disease.
4. School transfer, character and attendance certificates from the previous school along with the mark sheet of the last examination taken, and
5. Three latest passport size photographs.
An admit card will be issued by the School office on completion of the admission formalities. The Admit Card must be brought to the School and submitted to the class teacher by the student on his/her first day in the School.

The School fees for different classes are as follow:

Class Monthly Tuition Fees Annual Fees (For Games, Library
Medical,Activity, Examination,
Labs, Diary and I.Card etc.)
I Rs.1100/= Rs.6000/=
II Rs.1100/= Rs.6000/=
III Rs.1300/= Rs.6000/=
IV Rs.1300/= Rs.6000/=
V Rs.1300/= Rs.6000/=
VI Rs.1400/= Rs.6000/=
VII Rs.1500/= Rs.6000/=
VIII Rs.1600/= Rs.6000/=
IX Rs.1800/= Rs.6000/
X Rs.1800/= Rs.6000/


No Fees Concessions are available as a norm for the students.

The school, in special cases, may try to arrange for sponsorship for part or full payment of fees of needy but meritorious students. In these cases, the school will only be a facilitator and will not be answerable either to the sponsor or the sponsored and both shall have abide by the decisions and rules of the school management.


For withdrawal of a student from the school, at least one months notice must be given in writing otherwise one month fees will be charged from the date of submission of such notice.

The name of students who remain absent from the school for 15 consecutive days without having submitted prior leave application will be struck off the school rolls without intimation. If re–admission is sought and permitted by the school, admission fee will have to be paid.

The name of students who do not pay school fees for 2 consecutive months will be struck off the school rolls without intimation. If re–admission is sought and permitted by the school, admission fee will have to be paid.

The name of students who habitually break school rules and are setting bad precedence for others will be struck off the school rolls after being given reasonable counseling. No re–admission will be permitted by the school in such cases.

The Transfer Certificate will be issued only after all dues of the school are cleared and withdrawal formalities completed.