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Mere availability of educational infra – structure cannot achieve aims and objectives of imparting quality education. A well trained, motivated and constantly evolving teaching faculty is necessary. The School places special emphasis on continuous training and re-orientation of its teachers round the year through workshops and seminars.

School Timings:

Summer: - (1st Apr to 31st Oct.) 7: 55 AM To 1:45 PM
Winter: - (1st Nov. to 31st Mar) 8: 25 AM To 2:15 PM

On Friday and on last working day of the classes shall be held up to 12:10

Office Timings:

The School office shall remain open from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM on all working days.

Visiting Hours for meetings

Principal: Between 8:30 AM to 10.30 AM.

Teachers: With the permission of the Principal in the school office.
The Parents or Visitors are not permitted to visit their wards or the teachers in the classroom. No School business will be transacted on holidays.

Parents Teachers Meetings:

The School is keen that the parents of its students be constantly involved in monitoring and improvement of their wards’ performance for better results. For this purpose, it is necessary in the interest of the child that the parents punctually visit the school when called for a meeting. The parents are requested not to disturb the teaching schedule by visiting the school without an appointment. However, desirous parents can visit the school on all working Saturdays between 9 and 10 AM to discuss the progress of their wards.


Three best students of the school shall be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals every year. Winners of these medals shall also be entitled to Jamil ur Rahman Scholarships which will of Rs. 700/= per month for Gold Medalist, Rs. 500/= p.m. for Silver Medalist and Rs. 300/= p.m. for the winner of Bronze Medal. The funds for these Scholarships will be provided by Dr. Mohd. Iqbal Jamil.
The selection of students for these Scholarships will be based on their overall academic performance, participation in extra and co – curricular activities, personal / social behaviour & attitude apart from a set of other criteria. The selection, on the basis of performance during the previous academic year, will be made by the Medals Committee specially constituted every year for the purpose in the month of April.


All students must reach the School on time. The school gate shall be closed to late comers 15 minutes after the prayer bell and no entry of students will be permitted after that. Students reaching school after the prayer bell on more than two days in a month shall be sent back from the school on arrival at the school on their being late on subsequent days.

All students must come to the School regularly. More than three days absence from the School on medical grounds will be condoned only on submission of a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner. A fine of Rs. 20 shall be imposed for each day of absence from the School without sufficient reason and proper application duly signed by the parents.

No student shall be allowed to appear in the examination if his/her attendance is less than 75% in each term.

Every student must come to the School in complete, clean and properly pressed uniform. There must be strict compliance of school rules with regard to personal hygiene and cleanliness. Failure to observe these basic norms on any single day will attract fine.

All students must always follow all school rules and teachers’ instructions with regard to class and home work and behaviour. Casual or indifferent attitude with regard to studies, school and class activities and school instructions will not be tolerated at all.

In cases where there is a persistent failure to observe the school rules and discipline, setting bad precedence for others, the School will not hesitate to strike off the names of such students.

Code of Conduct and Discipline

1. Parents are advised to read the prospectus carefully before filling the Admission Form.
2. All seats shall be filled on ‘First come first serve’ basis.
3. School reserves the right to make any changes, modifications in the provisions made in this prospectus and the same shall be duly notified and published. The parents shall not be informed of any such change individually.
4. No candidate shall be entitled to claim admission as the matter of right.
5. Application form must be filled in all respect and duly signed.
6. Incomplete application shall not be considered.
7. Admission forms will be accepted between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on all working days.
8. School reserves the right to refuse admission in any individual case without assigning any reason.
9. Admission of candidate may be cancelled at any time, if any information furnished by the candidate at the time of admission is found to be incorrect.
10. Student must-be neatly dressed in clean school uniform.
11. Students must not be absent from the school without permission. In case of absence proper application must be sent to the Principal in time mentioning the cause for absence.
12. No examination or test will be held for absentees before or after the scheduled date.
13. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises.
14. Use of foul language and quarrelling will be dealt with very strictly and a disciplinary action may be taken in such cases.
15. As the medium of instruction in the school is English, to acquire a better command of the English language, it is recommended that the students speak in English in the School premises.
16. No monetary collection for any purpose may be made in the School without the permission of the Principal.
17. Strict action will be taken if a student uses unfair means during tests / examinations and in any other event.
18. The school reserves the right to dismiss a student who is irregular in attendance and whose conduct in the School or outside is harmful to other’s students or the School reputation.
19. For any enquiry or complaint contact the School office or Principal only.
20. All School fees must be paid by 15th of every month in advance. No demand notice shall be sent. Parents not depositing School fees by 15th of every month shall be liable to pay fine fixed by the School management from time to time.
21. It shall be the duty of the parents/Guardians to bring and collect the students at the School gate at the given time.

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